Covid Inquiry

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So who's going to come out of this, worst? BoJo or Hancock?

Fascinating to see everyone portray themselves as the Voice of Reason in Downing Street or the Cabinet Office, before plunging pre-sharpened knives into others.
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Is anybody surprised at this current government and the way they handled this? Certain 'politicians' should face serious criminal charges for the way they acted. Like all tories the unashamed 'self preservation' rises to the surface when the 5hit hits the fan. vile 5hits the lot of them.
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Billy Connolly once said: "Any person expressing a desire to become a politician should immediately be disqualified from ever being one."
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Soon as the words "we are following the science", I knew they were trying to line up their fall guys. However, for such "clever" people they didn't realise by using WhatApps for communication, that a permanent record was being made. Any sensible person would talk face -to-face or e telephone as it easier to deny who said what and when. It has now bounced back right into their faces and I am sure that there is worse to come for them.
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