Prediction League CTFC vs MK Dons Home 4th Sept.

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CTFC vs MK Dons Home 4th Sept.

My first glimpse of CTFC this season; very enjoyable and thought we deserved the point. On this showing I hope we will survive in this league, not necessarily easily, but with a marginal safety factor. Defensively still prone to errors and the occasional lapse when playing out from defence and up front still requiring a forward or two. Perry looked sharpish and it will be interesting to see how he fits in after getting to know his teammates and pattern of play. Whilst admiring Mays energy, work rate and drive; he rarely creates chances and his shot/scoring ratio is not the best; so would hope for a replacement [ don’t think Lloyd is the answer]. Likewise, Chapman was a weak link in the defence.
So avoiding the Bristolians Tuesday, I would be happy with a draw next Saturday; again a 1-1 game with Perry to score [if he starts - will alter if needed later].

Re points scores and missed posts on the match. I had forgotten that last season I allowed one’s last post to stand as the post for the succeeding match if missed.
Could you indicate whether you wish that to continue; but I would only allow this to a maximum of three!
If in favour I will have to do a bit of recalculating……. and you know how that turns out!
Enjoy the Bank Hol folks....

Please post on out bit..... thanks